The Las Vegas Knights played their last game Thursday, June 7th of the inaugural season. After a historical season that defied all odds, many in the Las Vegas community and around the hockey world felt disappointment for the first time as the Knights provided so much to cheer since their inception less than a year ago. To remember this season as anything less than great would be the only true disappointment. Let’s all remember this year for everything it was and not for anything it wasn’t. On the heels of tragedy, the Las Vegas Knights gave the city a reason to cheer and to look past hatred towards the commonality of sport and pride. Thank you all for everything you have contributed this year towards our partnership with the Knights. We as a community are looking forward to many great years of success and the inevitable Stanley Cup Trophy making its mark here in Vegas.

Please check out the video below that Budweiser put together in celebration of the Las Vegas Knights team with your favorite brand of beer in your favorite city!